5 Essential Items For A Day Of Boating

The day before a boating or fishing trip can be busy considering the  amount of  planning that is required, not just for the sake of boating but also to be able to boat safely.  It is best to take full advantage of the time you spend on the water by being adequately prepared for a variety of  external or internal challenges which can arise on the water or in the boat.  It’s fairly easy to avoid bug bites, motion sickness, hungry kids and soggy shorts. Here are 5 essential things to prepare for a day of boating.

cal staggers boat

  1. Boat registration.  It is always important to keep this document on you. Always be sure to have your valid boat registration certificate along with you. It’s one of the most important boating essentials since it proves that you are following the state law regarding operation of the vessel. If you are ever stopped or signaled by a coast guard, this registration can make all the difference in making your trip run smoothly. 
  2. Cell phone or marine radio. Still following the protocol of safety and preparedness, it is important to also keep and maintain communication with the use of a cell phone or marine radio. Countless boaters who have experienced a wide range of issues in the waters have prevented the exacerbation of these events, by being able  Always have a cell phone or marine radio on board in case of emergency. Know how to reach the marine patrol, police, and Coast Guard.
  3. Cooler.  It sometimes gets very hot out in the open seas before it gets cooler. You can keep your water, sodas, snacks and fish cold by bringing an airtight cooler along on the trip. Airtight coolers are also a great place to keep ice packs incase of injuries or sun burn. 
  4. Fire extinguisher. Most vessels sailing on US waters require a fire extinguisher to be installed on board. Following state mandates and safety precautions can be difference between a small fire and a large one. Safety first. 
  5. First aid kit. Buy a waterproof first aid kit that includes gauze pads, bandages, scissors, rubber gloves, cotton, antiseptic lotion, aspirin, and tweezers.

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